We offer a complete car valeting menu, ranging from a high quality exterior car wash service, through to an array of valets, as well as a selection of concourse Autoglym waxes. You can click to see the menu now, or learn a little bit more about our waxes and the best way to get your car in to our busy service by reading on below.

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How does the Union Square Car Wash & Valet service work?

You’ll find our team busily cleaning away at the car wash on Level P2 of the main shopping centre car park.

This is our main site and the vast majority of our work is conducted here. The site is very popular, but we manage to accommodate almost everyone via the drive-in service that requires no advance booking, so please do give us a try if you’re coming down without a reservation.

We use Kranzle pressure washers, snow foam and an arsenal of Autoglym products at this site, so you can rest assured that your vehicle will be well taken care of during it’s time with us.

If you’re going to be in the centre for less than 2 hours, are coming during peak times or are looking for a particularly substantial valet, then we would recommend calling in advance in order to guarantee a spot.

The price list shown further down this page is for the Union Square site.

Please call us on 01224 418413 and select option 2 to make a reservation or an enquiry at our main Union Square site. Parking fees are not included in the valet price.

What are the different waxes that you offer?

The three waxes that we offer are all Autoglym products and each has its own unique benefits.

Polar Seal is Autoglym’s latest vehicle protection solution and is the replacement for our previous Aqua Wax offering. A powerful hydrophobic sealant that leaves a high gloss finish and protects paintwork for up to 6 weeks (50% longer than Aqua Wax!). Also leaves a hydrophobic Rain-X style coating on vehicle glass.

Radiant Wax & Polish is the only one of the three waxes that is a polish as well as a wax, and is particularly effective at rejuvenating the colour of tired paintwork and darker vehicles. This wax is applied dry and then left to cure before being buffed away to a truly impressive shine. The internet is awash with top-tier reviews for this wonderful wax offering.

Ultra High Definition Wax is a truly concourse product, with a depth of shine and duration between coats that puts the product in a league of its own. Depending on environmental factors such as weather and wash frequency, a coat of this exceptional offering can be seen to show continued beading action after 6 months, which also makes it exceptional value for money. We cannot recommended this wax highly enough.